We are preparing for the arrival of Ramadan, the month of fasting between sun rise and sun set. This is a special time of year for the population of Kara Tepe village on Lesvos, it is a time for sharing, caring and uniting. Ramadan starts on May 27th, and once it begins we start community cooking meals from all cultures; Syrian, Afghani, Iraqi, African and many more! In partnership with Because We Carry Foundation and the Kara Tepe villagers we will be preparing, cooking and distributing the daily soehoer meal.

As part of our bigger vision, we have designed meal sharing so that we can reduce waste. The meals we provide will be delivered in sustainable tupperware, provide a meal for 4 people in one tupperware.

We will be preparing these meals in our amazing The Giving Food Truck together with volunteers from around the world!

Each meal we create has been carefully designed in collaboration with cooking specialists from the village and Because We Carry to ensure a nutritious and delicious meal that will both fill and nourish the population on Kara Tepe. Each meal per person costs 1,20 euro to make, in total to cover the costs for the entire month of Ramadan per person we need to collect 45,000 euros!! Please help us finance the most important meal time of the year for the community living on Kara Tepe, Lesvos.


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Lesvos, Greece is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean. For centuries this special place has seen people come and go. We love it here and want you to love it as well. The heart of the local community is generous and determined. Come summer we dream of beaches filled with tourists again and a peaceful end to the current crisis. Won’t you help us support the local economy by donating? Better yet, book your next summer holiday here and come experience the timeless nature of this island.




If you have any questions or if you want to become a partner, advisor or maybe a supporter, please feel free to contact us.

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